Strong Roots. Strong Tree.

CF Rail Services is a subsidiary of CF Asia Pacific, which was established in 1998 as CFCL Australia. We began our operations in Goulburn and Islington by providing a wide range of engineering services to the rail industry, including the construction and major refurbishment of both freight and passenger rollingstock, along with repair and maintenance capabilities. Our unique relationship with CFCL Australia allowed us to ensure their assets remained in optimum operating condition to realize the highest possible availability for customers.

As our capabilities and customers grew, so did we. Today, as CF Rail Services, our comprehensive preventative maintenance systems are widely used by rollingstock owners and operators across the country.

Since 2010, CF Rail Services has been a fully owned subsidiary of CF Asia Pacific, which in turn is owned by Sasser Family Holdings, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sasser has a rich history in rail leasing and maintenance services dating back to 1928, which continues to this day. It is from this solid foundation that CF Rail Services came into being and, like its predecessors, continues to move forward, increasing its level of service based on the needs of shipper and railroad customers large and small.

Take a journey back to Sasser Family Holdings’ humble beginnings and relive the adventure of pioneering an industry with this historic slideshow. Our predecessors persevered through generations of setbacks, wars, and The Great Depression, and prospered through vision, hard work, integrity, and hope.

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